Monday, 24 April 2017

When We 'Earned' Our Joy

Ramesh called up and said he wanted to celebrate his wife’s, Sheela’s 50th birthday in a novel way. "Let us go to Angaon and celebrate it with the girls" he said. He was referring to the Satyabhama Dev Balakashram. Rotary Club of Thane Metro is associated with this institution for a long time.

We assembled at Korum and left together for Angaon. Ramesh and Sheela were accompanied by their daughters. Sneha and her team who liven up atmosphere thru their music also accompanied. 

We went to the first floor. The girls were seated on the floor, about twenty of them. Alex and Sneha distributed ‘Gembe’. After some rounds of playing gembe, it was time to introduce song.

Nobody understands the song and its meaning – they also say it is African – but all we wanted was some fun, and there was no shortage!

Alex and Sneha also danced and taught some steps to the girls.

They appreciated the efforts of Ramesh and his family, particularly, Alex and Sneha, with a musical WOW! Watch it in the video!! Then it was the turn of Ramesh and his family to be surprised. The girls sang a “Happy Birthday” song.

The visit to Angaon always teaches me a new lesson. We come here to give love and affection. The truth is that we also get it in return!

Vivek S Patwardhan

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  1. Very interesting and innovative. Recently, we used the 'Gembe' at the MACCIA Women Entrepreneurs' meet i March to celebrate Intl. Women's day..very lively. Thanks for sharing, Vivek.