Monday, 24 April 2017

When We 'Earned' Our Joy

Ramesh called up and said he wanted to celebrate his wife’s, Sheela’s 50th birthday in a novel way. "Let us go to Angaon and celebrate it with the girls" he said. He was referring to the Satyabhama Dev Balakashram. Rotary Club of Thane Metro is associated with this institution for a long time.

We assembled at Korum and left together for Angaon. Ramesh and Sheela were accompanied by their daughters. Sneha and her team who liven up atmosphere thru their music also accompanied. 

We went to the first floor. The girls were seated on the floor, about twenty of them. Alex and Sneha distributed ‘Gembe’. After some rounds of playing gembe, it was time to introduce song.

Nobody understands the song and its meaning – they also say it is African – but all we wanted was some fun, and there was no shortage!

Alex and Sneha also danced and taught some steps to the girls.

They appreciated the efforts of Ramesh and his family, particularly, Alex and Sneha, with a musical WOW! Watch it in the video!! Then it was the turn of Ramesh and his family to be surprised. The girls sang a “Happy Birthday” song.

The visit to Angaon always teaches me a new lesson. We come here to give love and affection. The truth is that we also get it in return!

Vivek S Patwardhan

Sunday, 9 April 2017

The Importance of Building Check Dams

Hemant Jagtap is a very interesting person. He seems to know the entire terrain of Bhiwandi and the area around it as if it was backyard of his home.

I needed introduction to him so I requested Pooja to contact him. We wanted Hemant to show us the sites for the five check dams. We are going to build five check dams; that’s the dream, as you know. Sandeep, Nitin and I decided to go along with Hemant to the proposed sites.

We stopped at Shivneri Hotel. Vikas Jadhav, President of RC Ambadi was waiting for us. While we sipped our cup of tea, Nitin initiated a discussion on Check Dams with Hemant. Their discussion was interesting and informative, so I video-graphed it. 

There are many benefits of building check dams. Not just on agriculture, there are beneficial impact on the economy of the region as well as on the life of the people too. 

Our Rotary club plans to build five check dams. Please do join in the efforts wholeheartedly.

We visited Dalonde village, it is about 3 Kms from Ambadi. There is a stream going down the hill to meet Tansa river. Your Rotary Club plans to build three check dams down the stream.

And then came a long and rough journey to 'Lendicha-pada.' The adivasis have dug up a pit. There is water in it. They use it for their requirement. The overall situation is bad as you will see from the pictures below. It is time we acted quickly to alleviate their pain and made water available. Is is possible! It just takes a strong resolve from Rotarians to do it. 

Here is the video. It was recorded in a hotel near the highway. Please excuse for the noise of the traffic.

And here are some photographs.

This is a 'Vanrai' dam built by farmers. It serves limited purpose.

On our way to Lendicha Pada........

The parched land in need of water.....

The pit dug up by adivasis...

With the farmer....

Vivek S Patwardhan

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Workshop on Managing Conflicts

I held an open workshop on Managing Conflicts. the proceeds will go to the Rotary Club of Thane Metro. About 2.50 L or British pound 3125.

We intend to use this for various social service projects in the villages around Thane.

Here are some photographs;