Monday, 23 May 2016

Looking Back: Hemant's Musing

President’s Address: 


The Dream Lion roared & announced the change of guards!

I was prepared for this occasion. I could notice the ‘Restless Trot’ of Pre Elect Rtn. Chandrashekhar.

The Saddle was in place & so were all his Board Members. I was a bit emotional to pass the reins of this little ‘3 year Tot’ to soar in the New Rotary District 3142.

RYLA & Conflict Management chaired by Rtn Vivek, yet lingers live in my heart.

Secretary Rtn. Kanti’s deep knowledge & perseverance sparked well during the District Rotary Quiz. Our Club Picnic showed, we are never too old to enliven our Spirits.

Third, TB Camp led by our team of Doctors endorsed Service to Humanity.

Today I am grateful to all my club members for allowing me to Lead, Inspire, persue & ENJOY the Legacy of Rotary.

Hemant Mondkar

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